If you want to catch a show, take a workshop, or add taiko to your event, contact us!


Join us for this fun, challenging and energetic activity!


Why do we have workshops, lessons, and classes?

For you to:

  • experience Japanese drumming as an art form and from a different perspective: through participation!
  • better understand the various integrated components of this art form (drumming, music, and choreography)
  • learn the importance of being part of a group by playing together
  • allow us to help you find the taiko player within


It is $50 for a 2.5-hour workshop. The minimum age is 13 years old. You can also use Gift Certificates to participate in any level workshop.


It is $100 for four 1.5-hour lessons. The minimum age is 13 years old. Learn to play taiko over 4 lessons in a fun, recreational setting.

Kids Lessons

10-week class session for children aged 8-14. Sorry to those kids who aren’t kids anymore, but please come to our adult workshops! This is our second series of kids’ lessons and we are very excited to teach new or returning students! Kids Lessons are $100.00 for EJCA members and $120.00 for non-members. Each session consists of 10 1 hour lessons lead by an experienced instructor.

Please view this file for more information.

School Shows 

We have a one hour program specifically designed for schools that we present, on average, at 15 schools per year. The program includes:

  • Performance of pieces
  • Brief lectures on history, costumes, instruments, and description of pieces
  • Hands-on workshop
  • Question and answer session


Thinking about joining KNT?

Every Kita no Taiko member started out just like you…liking what they see and wanting to try it out! All potential Kita no Taiko members must complete three levels of workshops, and then apprentice for a year. You can also take workshops without the intention of joining the group, they’re great to try out for fun!
To sign up for a workshop, email us at info@kitanotaiko.ca to join our mailing list. You will then be informed when the next workshop is coming up.
Arigatou Gozaimashita

Level 1 Workshop

For beginners!
Try taiko at our beginner workshop. Ages 13 and up, no past musical experience required.

  • Saturday, Jan 27, 2017 – 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm
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Level 2 Workshop

For intermediates!
A workshop for those who took our Level I or Hit Like a Girl workshop. Your taiko learning continues with more advanced material.

  • To be announced!
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TaikoRec Classes!

Drumming just for fun!
Learn to play taiko over 4 lessons in a fun, recreational setting. Ages 13 and up.

  • To be announced!
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Kids Lessons!

Drums on Wednesdays!
Ten sessions with a performance! Learn the art and share through a group show!

  • Every Wednesday starting January 17th
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Please remember to complete and submit the appropriate registration form. Date requests will be considered if there is enough interest.
 If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us or message us below!

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